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Teknopac 300

Product Informatıon
Technıcal Data
Technical Document

Product: Teknopac 300

Product Group:Horizontal Packaging Machines

Model:  Flowpack 300
Chassis:  304 CrNi
Weight: 1250 KG
Power: 18 Kw
Voltage: 400 V
Frequency: 50-60 Hz
Photocell Setting: Automatıc
Setting Of Jaw Waiting: Automatıc
Product Conveyıng Synchronity: Automatıc
Coil Group: Automatıc
Jaw Group: Horızontal Jaw
Dısc Group: 4
Number Of Servo Engine: 7 Servo, 7 Asynchronous
Operator Panel: 10’’
Bonding Characteristics: Hot/Cold
Max. Capacity Cold: 300-400 (Pcs/Min.)
Feedıng Type: L Type, In-Lıne

Product Description

The electronic flow pack machine is designed with a fully automatic feeding unit for wrapping the ordered products for high production capacity. The main features of the flow pack machine are the console design, modular structure, high flexibility and performance, easy operation and product change, low maintenance cost and fully automatic electronic control.


  • With longitudinal bonding disc to 4 group and one group guidance disc group
  • Color photocell for press control.
  • Special steel bonding jaws modifiable depending on the product and packaging material.
  • All drive and movement systems and electric cabinet are isolated and located on the process line.
  • Designed for easy band change and alignment works.
  • The reducers will be Italian Varvel and Apex brand.
  • The brand of servos used will be OMRON.
  • The speed control devices will be the brand of the OMRON. The system will be PLC controlled and the necessary changes will be made through the OMRON brand 10” touchscreen control panel. The system will be started up and stopped from the operator panel and the alarms of the systems will be available to be monitored.
  • The operator will be able to adjust the speeds of conveyor, pallets, jaw, side conveyor belt group from the panel.
  • It has been designed for the operation of single and multiple products.
  • The product changes may be made at a very short time.



  • High quality, excellent packaging.
  • Opportunity to work with minimum scraps and maximum productivity.
  • Designed for uninterrupted operation.
  • Fast switching for different sizes and shapes.
  • Easy to be adapted on the systems.
  • Option of right and left position.
  • Modular console chassis.
  • 4 pairs disc units (cold, heated bending).
  • Hot and cold bonding equipment.
  • All parts contacting with the product are of stainless steel.
  • Color photocell for photoelectric cutting.
  • The product sizes can be changed by changing the product-specific folding mould.
  • The wastage of the packaging material is minimized with the missing product detecting system.
  • The various products can be saved in the PLC program.
  • Separate electric cabinet to place all electrical and electronical parts.

Easy to adjust to different product lengths in a very short time.               



    Our machine has been technically designed as appropriate to the fast packaging. In addition to this, the automatic roll transmitting system, product’s package length, photocell settings, receipt systems and other application options are made through the touchscreen.

It is possible to pack the products especially such as the soft cake, chocolate bar, etc. while maintaining the product quality at high speeds by adding in-line feeding systems into the FLOWPACK 300 Flow Pack machine.