+90 312 394 21 04 Monday - Friday 08:00 - 18:30İvogsan Arı Sanayi Sitesi Yenimahalle, Ankara
+90 312 394 21 04 Monday - Friday 08:00 - 18:30İvogsan Arı Sanayi Sitesi Yenimahalle, Ankara

About Us

Our Mission

To meet customer demands at the highest level by continuously improving our product and service quality. to establish a strong bound with our customers through fast response time, and to preserve sustainability through customer-focused service and product quality

Our Vision

To be a reputable company, which leads the packaging industry with high quality products and constantly improving respective methods for the future requirements.

To achieve company and unit targets through team spirit on the basis of Total Quality approach, increasing the efficiency to the level of competitiveness at the international level by continuous improvement, supporting innovative approaches and provide trainings that will increase individual competencies.

Our Quality Policy

Based on the idea of ​​Total Quality, achieving company and unit targets within the team spirit, Raising efficiency to the level that can compete at the international level through continuous improvement, Supporting innovative approaches, and providing trainings that will increase individual competencies.


Teknobis Makina İmalat İthalat İhracat Nakliye İnşaat Sanayi Ticaret Limited Şirketi

The machines used for packaging chocolate, bar, biscuits and wafers are the main activity of Teknobis since 2011. Since its establishment, our company has started to produce machines that reduce the product set-up times to minimum levels. Thanks to importance we attach to the mechanics, design and quality of materials in the machines we have produced, we can compete with European companies. High quality flow pack machines and automatic feeding systems have proved their adequacy in meeting customer demands. In flow pack machines, we provide our customers with the required high-speed designs to pack the products without manual intervention, which equal to their counterparts in developed countries. We continue to offer fast packaging machines and multipack packing machines with mobile clamp, which allows to pack product of different sizes, and also feeding systems for all production lines to customers’ disposal. Chocolate feeding, biscuit feeding, wafer feeding and their flow pack packaging, in-line feeding systems and automatic feeding systems for packaging cake and bar type products are produced. 

TEKNOBİS MAKİNA, which started out with its superior service and high quality production principle, has deservedly become our source of pride with its high quality products and special after-sales service for packaging machines, high capacity and special purpose feeding systems. Our company aimed at institutionalization in its industry by adopting dignity, discipline, equity, trust, innovation and timely execution as principles. Our company has always believed in the necessity of commercial ethics by maintaining its reputation before its own staff and cycles. Our company has achieved to be among the leading companies in this sector both in domestic and international market with its superior technology and reputation which does not allow to compromise from quality. With its rapidly growing business capacity and market share, TEKNOBİS MAKİNA, which has become a leader in its sector today, proudly enjoys maintaining this position in the best way…

At the present time, Teknobis Makina is a Turkish group of companies that can offer high level special solutions to its customers, producing processing and distribution systems, folding and packaging machines and turnkey equipment.         

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